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Anzus Finance - Finance  Made Easy
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Truck Plant & Equipment Finance
Taxi Finance
Hire Car Finance
Courier Finance
Car & Business Equipment
        Loans for Professionals
Equity Loans - Sale & Hire Back
Low Doc Loans
Car Buying Service
Interest rates from as low as 7.69%
About Our Company

Anzus Finance Corporation is a boutique operation and vastly different to our competitors as we do not offer home, personal and car loans to everybody in the community, as we solely specialise in the transport and business communities, thus giving our clients the dedication and expertise they deserve to improve their profitability.

Anzus was founded by a team of dedicated finance professionals, with the charter to be an alternative to traditional banks and other lenders. As the banks became bigger and more impersonal, professionals and small to medium business owners suffered. Anzus is focused on providing these clients with finance on based:

  • on low interest rates
  • flexible structures
  • Our clients enjoy a hands on personalised service from experienced people with the up most integrity and efficiency
  • Our clients are under no obligation to proceed with any finance package that is approved
  • Our staff will come to you and get an understanding of your business and needs so we can tailor the best financial solution
  • We arrange “pre approvals to increase your bargaining power

Anzus Finance Corporation recognises that most of our clients don't have the time, expertise or resources to battle the banks and negotiate the most favourable finance package. We also know that the banks feel no obligation to offer any deal other than the one that best suited them and their shareholders. And that is why Anzus Finance Corporation was founded.

Anzus Finance Corporation is dedicated to getting your business and career moving forward...

So why not see what ANZUS FINANCE CORPORATION can do for you?

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